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The Cloud

The Cloud has become an exciting new *buzz word" with amazing promise and potential.

Cloud computing is a method of providing technology services to individuals without the need to buy, install, and manage extra servers and software. With cloud hosting, you can get your desktop and server applications securely over the internet.

Hosted Destop and Servers

A hosted desktop eliminates the need to operate via the traditional set-up of desktop PC's in an office environment, whilst
lowering the costs of the services that you require. Hosted desktops act just like a traditional desktop PC, but your software and data are hosted in our data centres instead of being stored and limited to your localised server. You can be anywhere in the world to access your hosted desktop securely, via an existing PC or laptop – all you need is an internet connection, and for
optimum cost savings, a specialised device called a thin client.

It's a simple idea. Rather than dealing with the expenditure and risks associated with installing and maintaining the hardware and software that is needed, intergral~IT provides 24/7 hosted access to your desktops and applications. All of the benefits of a sophisticated and responsive IT infrastructure remain, but at a fraction of the expense of the traditional model. From day one of your relationship with us, you will benefit from the convenience of our ready-to-use solutions and a reduction in costs, especially as your business grows and changes.

• Secure area to store files
• Access to MS exchange so that your organisation can utilise the collaborative features of Outlook
• Ability to add applications and databases like Sage
• Access to a comprehensive suite of Microsoft Office applications at no extra cost

Our solution awards you the freedom and cost efficiency of a hosted desktop, without hassle, and all delivered securely at
lightning speed over the network. Cloud computing allows you to decide which parts of your IT infrastructure you want to manage directly or change. It also offers powerful workgroup features to get your team working together quickly and efficiently.

Hosted Virtual Destop Computing - Pay only for what you need, when you need it

Your virtual desktop is activated within hours, so there's no waiting around to start work – you can begin almost immediately! Additional power, software and features can also be easily added, meaning that you only have to pay for what you need, when you need it.

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