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What we do
Telephone and remote assistance

We not only support windows software and hardware, we also actively cater for Apple and Linux platforms., from individual systems through to workgroups, active directory and open directory domains.


Providing a single point of contact for any technology or application problem that customers (end-users) suffer. Staff can
telephone or email their issue through to our team, who record the issue on our customer management system and speedily
allocates to the service technicians who will resolve the query.
Telephone & remote assistance

A team of people are on hand to provide a personal remote service to your business. Providing a personal service is important, so we structure our delivery team into small teams, which allows our people to get a detailed understanding of your technology and build relationships with your staff. Our engineers have a wide and deep technical knowledge of networks and applications. We have tools available that allow us to see exactly what is on your PC and with your permission we can take control of your computer remotely, allowing us to resolve your query fast.

Online Support
Normally we can find a solution right there and then without coming to your office. Where the problem can't be resolved remotely, we'll have your intergral~IT engineer visit you on-site. Our people are personable and trained to a high level, both technically and with our unique customer service skills.
Proactive PC and Server management
If your network, computers or Servers are malfunctioning then the productivity of your business is affected. We manage all your servers, computers and laptops around the clock utilising management software, this includes the management and deployment of security updates and service packs to all your computers and Servers.
Firewall management
Security of your computers and network servers is essential. Your Internet connection is an open door for threats from the internet if not properly secured.
We will manage your current firewall or the firewall that we have supplied to your business and ensure that it is updated any optimally protecting your network.
Application development & database support
Our team supports all Microsoft Office Applications, so we can help with any queries your end-users may have. We are not here just to fix problems; we answer a whole manner of queries, from how do I create a pivot table in Excel, to how do I change my views in Outlook. We also manage and provide SQL Server for our clients. Many line of business applications use SQL Server, such as accounting, sales orders and customer relationship applications.
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