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Hardware and Software Procurement

Often you know what you need to achieve from your IT infrastructure but without the specialist IT knowledge and time to shop around it can be difficult to determine exactly what you need and where to source it from.

intergral~IT can provide a 'one-stop-shop' supplying all your hardware and software needs. We can supply a range of the leading manufacturer's products to our clients from desktop and server hardware through to Enterprise level software.

We establish the most appropriate products for our clients based on a needs analysis, our ethos of "value for money" means you can rest assured that we will always endeavour to obtain the right products and best deal for your business, by comparing prices across our distributor network.

We have long standing relationships with trusted IT manufacturers and distributors meaning we can procure computer hardware and software quickly and efficiently and get you set up in no time. We are approved re-sellers of Cisco, Dell, HP, Microsoft, Trend Micro, Sonicwall, Symantec products.

How can I save on Hardware & software costs ?

Evaluate your software licenses

Do they all need to be renewed? Can you consolidate into fewer, more efficient systems? Are you paying for too many seats or CPUs? At integralit we have licensing experts on hand to advise you.

Review the cost of upgrading hardware versus replacement
Older hardware can often be given a new lease of life with, for example, installing a new operating system such as Windows 7 and increasing RAM, or by implementing thin client technology or virtual desktops.
Consider the use of recontitioned hardwar versus replacement
Not only can we offer new equipment directly from the manufacturers but we can also offer refurbished hardware, which has been tested by our qualified engineers and guaranteed by the integralit warranty. Thus providing a massive cost saving to our customers and still providing the save level of service as new equipment.
Factor in all operating costs
Consider how you can save on the costs for bandwidth, data transfer and storage as well as for power, telephony and insurance. These operating costs often amount to a significant percentage of the capital cost of procurement, installation and maintenance.
Qualify your procurement partner
intergral~IT have relationships with industry leading hardware and software vendors, experts in house to specify, source and install all the equipment for you. We also provide fixed price project services , which removes the risk of spiraling costs for you. Which is sadly all too common with any type of IT project.
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